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Three Influencers Driving Engineers to Change Careers

While navigating today’s market, we decided to learn what it is senior-level engineers want more of. Recently, our two engineering managers in California Joori Leem and Ryan Scott surveyed 80 engineers to learn the top three influencers that would drive them to change careers. Respondents were asked to choose one of the four options: better compensation, higher position, working with inspiring people, or having an impactful role at a startup. This is what they found:

Your complete guide to rewards and recognition

With close to a third of working professionals actively seeking a new role this year, and 75% stating that they are feeling more confident in the job market, we share why this time of year is crucial to check-in with your employees.

The benefits of salary benchmarking

Salary benchmarking allows companies to establish whether their senior executives’ remuneration packages are in line with the rest of the market. Here, we explore it in more detail.

Managing poor performance

As a manager you are responsible for the overall output of your team and how it impacts the wider business. This means that it is vital that any performance issues from your employees are addressed promptly and effectively to minimize the impact to the organization.

Women leading the workplace: an interview with Louise Campbell and Kristin Thomas on Women’s Equality Day - 2021

In honor of Women’s Equality Day, we sat down with a few female leaders at Robert Walters to reflect on their own career journeys in recruitment, discuss current struggles women are facing in the workplace, and the opportunities that could help open doors for future generations.

Diverse hiring: practice beyond theory

Our latest eguide covers what steps can hiring managers take (tools and technologies included) to tackle discrimination, enable equality, and foster belonging in the hiring process and beyond.