Bridging the skills gap in finance functions: a Robert Walters whitepaper

The role of finance teams within businesses is evolving. Over the last decade, economic upheaval has made many business leaders place an increased emphasis on recruiting finance professionals who can go beyond fulfilling a purely technical role.

Instead they are expected to function as fully integrated partners in the business, providing strategic insight to leaders and cooperating with other departments to ensure the long term financial stability of the company. 

However, with finance having traditionally been considered a ‘back office’ function, many finance leaders are struggling to source top quality finance professionals who can demonstrate the skills they need. A combination of strong technical abilities and excellent communication skills are necessary as the role of the finance team becomes more prominent. 

bridging the skills gap in finance functions

What's inside

  • What are the skills gaps in finance teams?
  • Why do organizations prefer internal upskilling?
  • What are the most popular upskilling strategies? 
  • When should you choose to hire externally?
  • How to expand the finance talent pool
  • Assessing finance professionals at interview