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Expanding into Austin, Texas

Elliot Jackson, Head of Robert Walters Austin, joined Robert Walters as an associate consultant in our Manchester office, kick starting an international career with the Group with a move to Singapore before moving to the US to launch our Austin office.

Negotiating Equity Guide

With today’s startups competing to attract and retain the best talent, understanding the ins and outs of equity has never been more important. With a functional equity distribution plan, all parties involved will feel valued and committed to ensuring the company succeeds. In this guide, we discuss the key elements of the equity negotiation process for founders and the talent looking to join them

Quiet Quitting: what’s causing employees to ‘act their wage’?

Over the last few months, US businesses have become increasingly affected by the new phenomenon, ‘quiet quitting’. Currently the hottest labour narrative, ‘quiet quitting,’ is an act of work-to-rule, with young professionals performing the basics of their job role, ensuring that they bring no further initiative or betterment to the position. In the US especially, employers have found that 52% of young professionals have a taken to vow to ‘act their wage’ and simply do the bare minimum instead of going the extra mile.

How The ‘Great Disconnection’ is Damaging Workplace Culture

Naturally, remote working has decreased the amount of interaction between staff and leaders, and now, employees are beginning to feel disengaged from their company and their work. What started as an attempt to boost employee wellness in the workplace, has in turn sparked a big problem for companies worldwide: employee disconnect. This “Great Disconnection” is not only costing the global community billions, but negatively impacting employees’ personal selves as well.

Three Ways To Make Your Organization Attractive To A Diverse Candidate Pool

We know hiring practices aren't always inclusive, and while there's much for Californians to be happy about right now – unemployment remains low, wage growth continues, declining poverty rates – there is one HR data set that remains perpetually concerning: diverse Hiring. Despite billions invested in diversity and inclusion interventions over the past decade, if you are recruiting for a senior, professional, skilled role right now, chances are you will hire a white man.

LGBTQIA+ Cultural Conversation: Wrap-up

As part of our efforts to help spread awareness around Pride Month and encourage self-reflection within the workplace, our ED&I council hosted an inclusive cultural conversation to discuss how our lives – at work and beyond – are impacted by LGBTQIA+ issues.