Leading through crisis

a guide for founders and executives

There is of course no definitive guide for leading through COVID-19, because nobody was truly prepared for the devastation and upheaval that it has brought. This pandemic is scary because there are so many unanswered questions. When will it end? Will my family be affected? How will business change? How will the economy be impacted?

We certainly don’t have all the answers, but we wanted to create this guide to help leaders pull through and prepare for what is to come. Ultimately, how you lead during this time will determine the direction your company will take.

Your business is only as extraordinary as its people, so it’s more important than ever to lead with empathy, and to make decisions that support, protect, and reassure your greatest asset. We’ve partnered with Sehr Charania, startup advisor and People/HR consultant, to hear her perspective, and bring you an informative and resourceful guide for leading through crisis.

Prefer video over text? Check out our corresponding webinar: "Effective leadership through the course of a crisis".

What's inside

  • Learn what your employees are really thinking at this time
  • Understand how to increase engagement, and how to lead with empathy
  • Find out what the future of remote work may look like
  • Next steps for a post-COVID-19 landscape