Part of Something Bigger: Bridget White, Robert Walters San Francisco

It’s true that the recruitment industry is entirely what you make of it, and Bridget White is a leading example of how a Robert Walters consultant can grow and succeed fast. Having just celebrated her first full year at Robert Walters, Bridget’s ambition, and passion for working with people has helped her make numerous placements and receive a well-deserved promotion to senior consultant. Read more about Bridget’s path to recruitment and her tips for incoming consultants:  

Where did you work before joining Robert Walters?

I used to work at Amica Mutual Insurance. I was a claims adjuster handling injury claims from car accidents, which there are a lot of in California, it was a very busy and high-level job. I was negotiating claims with lawyers in depositions in court.

What attracted you to working in recruitment?

I wanted a sales environment, but I didn’t want to sell something I wasn’t passionate about. I’m passionate about connecting with people and networking. So, the fact that I get to find them jobs or help them in any way really makes my job enjoyable. I always knew I wanted to get into recruitment as well as tech, but I didn’t know how to do that given my lack of experience, so I just applied to Robert Walters job posting online and sent my resume and cover letter to Liz asking for an interview and after that we connected.

Why did you want to work for Robert Walters?

I wanted to work for Robert Walters because of the culture and the interview process. Liz had a nice, tight process of checking in after my calls and I had such a good feeling about everyone I interviewed with. After my calls I would just know that I was wanted to work with them. Also, every single employee, from the support team to the Director, Alfonso are truly kind, supportive, and rooting for you to succeed. Robert Walters gives you all the tools and support that’s needed to be successful and that’s highlighted throughout the interview process given -- Liz does such a great job.

What do you like best about your role? 

The most rewarding part about my job is giving candidates job opportunities they never imagined they would be able to do. For example, one of my first placements was a candidate that didn’t have any tech experience and I was able to give the opportunity to dive into the tech space and I surprised my client and candidate on her potential and now she is exceeding all goals and plans in her current role.

What has been your biggest achievement to date?

Biggest achievement to date would be the number of placements I have made within just a year! It’s been a lot of learning and adapting to this market, but I love it! (Sounds cheesy haha) I think I have made 8 or 9 placements which is something I’m proud of.

What advice would you give to someone considering a move into recruitment? 

Be resilient and adaptable, this job is all about working with people, no one person is the same and no one search is the same! That’s what makes it very exciting, and every day is different. There are a lot of ups and downs in this field but given the support that RW gives you when you join, like great onboarding, trainings throughout the year, etc. the tools and support are there for you…now all you need is to be resilient and put in the work. You will see amazing results, work with candidates and clients you never thought you would, and give job opportunities to people who need it!

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