Mid year recruitment update: Finance, Business Operations & Human Resources

Recruitment activity has been high overall, particularly for accounting roles. However, there remains a notable shortage of candidates with public accounting backgrounds and between 2-6 years of accounting industry experience, so companies are having a harder time filling roles at this level.

One of the main reasons for this is that candidates coming from public accounting backgrounds are often trying to transition into FP&A roles, rather than taking senior accountant and accounting manager positions. Finding accountants who actually want to remain accountants can be one of the biggest challenges for employers.

Sectors that are driving demand are Marketplaces, SaaS, AI, Fin-Tech, and Machine Learning. We predict these areas will continue to grow and attract top talent, and demand for talent from the Autonomous Vehicle space will increase in 2019.

In terms of compensation trends, we’re seeing an increase in cash salaries, especially at director and VP level. It’s also becoming harder to secure candidates based on strong equity grants alone. Often candidates feel they are not getting enough equity value, even if a company is planning for perfect growth trajectories. This may just come down to perception versus reality, with people misunderstanding the true level of startup returns and overestimating how often startups turn into unicorns.

“Overall the finance and operations recruitment market is very strong. If you need any hiring help please reach out to us and we’d happy to be a resource for your business. As a reminder, my team specializes in recruitment of finance, accounting, business operations, sales operations and HR/Talent professionals”

Frederic Tehard, Vice President

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