Mid year recruitment update: Marketing, Business Development & Sales

Demand for sales and marketing talent has remained consistent throughout the first half of the year, as companies continue to see the value in investing in their go-to-market teams from an early stage. SaaS, AI, crypto, health-tech and wellness and ed-tech are some of the industries that have shown the biggest surge in hiring.

We have seen an influx of roles from enterprise employers, primarily senior leadership and product marketing roles. With many emerging SaaS businesses looking to hire their first marketing leaders, product marketing is increasingly the most sought after skill set. Advisors and investors often suggest this as these growing startups look to best position themselves in an increasingly competitive market.

Health-tech and ed-tech are two industries that have gained particular momentum in the first half of 2018. Innovation within health-tech is particularly prominent at the moment, whether it be b2b businesses looking to switch up employee healthcare schemes or consumer companies changing the way we interact with and think about healthcare, this is an industry that shows no sign of slowing down. Consumer ed-tech is also continuing to disrupt the way we view traditional education, with online courses and digital literacy transforming both in-classroom and home learning.

We have also seen a rise in consumer start-ups moving away from pure UA marketing strategies. Influencer marketing, direct response TV and other offline media skills are increasingly sought after.

“The recruitment market continues to remain strong, and we would love to help your business find the right sales and marketing professionals. We have specialized expertise across both the enterprise and consumer spaces, with a focus on mid to senior hires in demand generation, product marketing, user acquisition, social media, PR, sales and BD.”

Bethan James, Manager - Marketing, Business Development & Sales

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