Review product marketing resumes the right way

The reality is that resumes can be incredibly misleading. That’s especially true for a function like product marketing, where core competencies matter much more than tactical experience.

Product marketers have to take on new responsibilities and manage nebulous projects all the time, so expect your best candidates’ resumes to include examples of such instances.

Still, you can’t ignore resumes altogether, so we’ve compiled some important tips to keep in mind. Plus, we’ve included real resume examples to better illustrate what to look for.

Look for strategic skills

Many product marketers will reference go-to-market strategy, but pay particular attention to those that define go-to-market strategy as more than just launching campaigns to promote a new offering.

Seek evidence of collaboration

This is essential for successful product marketers, Look for candidates who can articulate this, such as “acted as the voice of the customer, feeding insights back to product and sales teams,” or “served as primary point of contact for all product input.”

Seek quantitative skills

A product marketer with solid quantitative skills should showcase their achievements clearly on their resume, with prove that they have been responsible for analysing sales numbers, involvement in research projects and measurable results against the projects they include in their resume.

Seek qualitative skills

A product marketer with solid qualitative skills will have achievements that go beyond market data.

Identify signs of industry fit

A great product marketer can achieve significant industry knowledge within 3-6 months of starting their job. Don’t exclude good candidates just because they are missing the specific industry experience you’re looking for.

Hiring product marketers is notoriously difficult. That’s why Robert Walters and Owl have teamed up to document the secrets of hiring top-notch product marketers.