Salary Survey 2023

Get the most comprehensive overview of salaries and hiring trends in your industry

For more than 20 years, employers and professionals alike have relied on the Robert Walters Salary Survey to help them make critical decisions for their businesses and careers.

The digital edition gives you easy access to all the salary and market trends you need to know — whether you're in the office, at home or on-the-go.

What's inside

In addition to a comprehensive guide to salaries for hundreds of roles in 31 countries, our digital Salary Survey is packed with helpful tools and resources for hiring managers and job seekers alike, including the latest trends and analysis for your industry, as well as video updates on market conditions from our experts.

  • Hiring Trends: see what hiring trends look like for your industry in 2023
  • Salary Expectations: explore what salaries top talent in your industry will be expecting
  • In-Demand Skill Sets: learn what skill sets will help you get noticed by top employers
  • Salary Calculator: get your personal salary forecast for 2023 and see salaries for similar roles

For employers

If you’re growing your team or simply need to retain the talent you have, the Salary Survey gives you the insights you need to have the right team in place to keep your business moving forward.

For employees

Whether you’re looking for a new role or preparing for your end-of-year appraisal, the Salary Survey will arm you with everything you need to know to get what you deserve.

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Looking for something more bespoke?

Accurately budgeting for headcount spend requires access to specific salary and remuneration data that's completely bespoke to your business.

Based on your specific industry, sector, job role or location criteria, investing in a bespoke benchmarking report gives you access to upper, average and lower salary/contractor rate limits, monetary and non-monetary benefits data and data-backed recommendations for your business. These can help you to:

  • Increase retention rates
  • Develop a competitive EVP
  • Attract a wider talent pool
  • Make reliable decisions