Writing an outstanding product marketer job description

Your search for the ideal product marketer begins with the job description. If well-crafted, it both defines what you’re really looking for in a candidate and attracts professionals whom you want to consider for the position.

The reality is there’s no one-size fits all product marketing job description.

It should change based on a range of factors, including scope of role, seniority of the position, and the industry you’re hiring for. But, the best product marketers share some common traits that CMOs should look for, and the job description must reflect those.

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The job description can easily be tweaked to a Director or VP-Level position by augmenting the strategic components of the job description and adding more information about leadership responsibilities.

However you customize your job description, the process of doing so is as much of a goal-clarification exercise as it is a recruiting necessity.

Without discerning what you want out of a product marketer, you won’t know what exactly to look for when you start receiving resumes.

Hiring product marketers is notoriously difficult. That’s why Robert Walters and Owl have teamed up to document the secrets of hiring top-notch product marketers.