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Navigating a merger during a crisis: An interview with Chris Freeland

This year has proven to be an enormous challenge for businesses and business leaders globally. The COVID pandemic has significantly altered many workers’ daily experience of work. We interviewed Chris Freeland, Executive Chairman, UK at RAPP Worldwide, to discuss how he and his team navigated a merger amidst a global pandemic.

You’re missing out on top Risk Management candidates by leaving this out

Large corporations and fintech startups are searching for the same profiles in a limited pool of Risk talent, which means that it’s more important than ever to explore what gives your business a competitive edge. While high compensation and the prestige of joining a widely recognized name are attractive draws for top-talent, these things are often not enough to retain top talent alone. Smaller payment firms, fintech companies, banks, and investment management firms can attract outstanding candidates by keeping the following things top of mind during the interview process.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion

At Robert Walters, we believe in fostering inclusion, acceptance, and belonging in the workplace by employing individuals who bring unique perspectives to the company. All qualified individuals, including people of all races, national origins, ages and religions, people with or without disabilities, and people with any gender identity and sexual orientation, are urged to apply.

7 Important Traits to Look for in Your Next Senior Compliance Hire

Crisis often creates fertile ground for fraud. The chaos that has arisen from the COVID-19 pandemic has created economic upheaval, and with that, a slew of criminals looking to exploit peoples’ desperation. Ensuring your business has an effective compliance program is essential to preventing cyber attacks, identifying fraud, and preventing revenue loss. Your Senior Compliance Officer not only needs to be an expert in their area, but they also need to have the leadership skills to manage a team of Compliance professionals effectively. When approaching this essential hire, here are seven things to look for to identify a stand-out Senior Compliance Officer candidate.<div> </div>

The future of work: futureproofing careers and workforces

The Covid-19 pandemic led to the world’s largest ever workplace experiment as companies were forced to quickly mobilize their workforces from office-based working to home working with very little warning or preparation. But, what have we learned over the last several months and how might this shape the future of work?

Attracting top Risk Management candidates with growth potential

Candidates who refuse to look at new and innovative ways to assess risk won’t flourish in a startup environment. Fintech businesses should look for a growth mindset as they build up their talent pool for a Risk Management role.