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The value of mentoring

Despite the fact that women represent almost half of today's workforce, senior roles are still dominated by men. Mentoring can be a highly effective strategy to support women including those who are keen to develop their career and take on senior positions within an organization.

Privacy, 2021, and Weathering the Pandemic

Robert Walters Los Angeles recruiters Saswat Nanda and Courtney Lucas organized a virtual roundtable to discuss unique experiences in ecommerce during the COVID-19 pandemic among Los Angeles startups. The discussion was led by Ryan Dell, Global Marketing, Turtle Beach and Emily Jordan, VP of Marketing at Willow Innovations, Inc. You can watch the full recording of the webinar, here.

Maintaining Momentum Towards Diverse & Inclusive Workplaces

As a recruitment business, we are in a unique position to help drive the momentum forward by educating our own recruiters on how best to advise the businesses we work with to build more diverse teams. By having conversations around unconscious bias, we create awareness and understanding which fosters a more inclusive environment. While like everyone, we are still learning and educating ourselves about how to create a truly equitable workplace, here is one of the many conversations we are currently having.

Hiring the right culture fit during a global pandemic: An interview with Tasso Roumeliotis

This year has proven to be an enormous challenge for businesses and business leaders globally. We interviewed Tasso Roumeliotis, Founder & CEO of Bay Area startup NumberAI to find out how he and his co-founders have kept their team going strong and their approach towards the new normal.

Navigating a merger during a crisis: An interview with Chris Freeland

This year has proven to be an enormous challenge for businesses and business leaders globally. The COVID pandemic has significantly altered many workers’ daily experience of work. We interviewed Chris Freeland, Executive Chairman, UK at RAPP Worldwide, to discuss how he and his team navigated a merger amidst a global pandemic.

You’re missing out on top Risk Management candidates by leaving this out

Large corporations and fintech startups are searching for the same profiles in a limited pool of Risk talent, which means that it’s more important than ever to explore what gives your business a competitive edge. While high compensation and the prestige of joining a widely recognized name are attractive draws for top-talent, these things are often not enough to retain top talent alone. Smaller payment firms, fintech companies, banks, and investment management firms can attract outstanding candidates by keeping the following things top of mind during the interview process.