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Downtime to Upskill: Product Management with Yue Zhao

Many tech and services have been impacted by COVID, leading businesses to reexamine their priorities. Some product managers have had to pivot their product strategy in order to better serve a community in pandemic, while others have been impacted by business restructuring. We recently caught up with Yue Zhao, Product Lead at Facebook, who offered her best advice to PMs that have been negatively impacted by COVID-related layoffs.

Burning the Candle: Strategies to Combat Workplace Burnout

We've partnered with top tech thought leaders from startups Range, Calm, Envoy, and more, to produce an ebook (Burning the Candle: Identifying Strategies to Combat Workplace Burnout), identifying actionable steps businesses can take to prevent workplace burnout in their employees.

Returning to the new world of work

Whilst it is hard to look beyond the next six months, due to the unprecedented nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, this guide is designed to give business leaders an overview of organisations’ collective learnings. It also provides an insight into what options are available in the short to medium-term, whilst the long-term future of work is being considered.

Acquisition and retention strategies in the COVID era

A few weeks ago, we hosted a virtual roundtable for senior New York-based marketing leaders, where we discussed how COVID-19 has affected marketing strategies across industries. Chug Abramowitz, ex VP Marketing, Spotify, graciously led the conversation. You can see a summary of major discussion points below.

Downtime to Upskill: Performance and Growth Marketing

We partnered with Holly Chen, award-winning growth advisor formerly at Slack, Google, Gucci, and Deloitte to bring you the latest installment in the Downtime to Upskill Series. This episode was specifically geared towards Growth Marketers. See below for a wrap-up of the discussion in case you missed it, and feel free to visit our webinars page to sign up for upcoming webinars or watch them on-demand.

Leading through crisis: a guide for founders and executives

Your business is only as extraordinary as its people, so it’s more important than ever to lead with empathy, and to make decisions that support, protect, and reassure your greatest asset. We’ve partnered with Sehr Charania, startup advisor and People/HR consultant, to hear her perspective, and bring you an informative and resourceful guide for leading through crisis.