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Truly global and proudly local. We've been serving the US for over 30 years, expanding offices across New York, California and Austin.

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Highest paying IT jobs

In the rapidly evolving technology market, many professionals are drawn to the high paying tech jobs on offer across the U.S. As the sector continues to expand, offering numerous roles that not only promise great compensation but also pave the way for positive career development.

Whether you're embarking on a new IT career journey or seeking insight into the most rewarding roles in your field, here's a breakdown of the top five highest-paying positions to consider. This data is sourced from the Robert Walters 2024 Salary Survey, which includes salary and market insights for permanent, contract and interim positions across the USA in New York, California and Austin across a variety of disciplines.

10 of the highest paying positions in IT

1. Chief Data Officer (CDO)

Salary range 2024: US$300k - 400k

Undoubtedly one of the highest paying tech roles, a CDO steers the data strategy, ensuring data quality, privacy, and innovative utilization. This role requires expertise in data management and regulatory compliance to leverage data as a valuable business asset through analytics and AI.

2. Chief Product Officer (CPO)

Salary range 2024: US$300k - 400k

Responsible for product vision and development, the CPO navigates strategic market insights and aligns product evolution with business objectives and user demands. CPOS require strong strategic judgement and market understanding.

3. Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Salary range 2024: US$280+

The CTO shapes the organization's tech journey by overseeing innovative solutions, remaining updated on emerging tech, and aligning any advancements with company objectives.

4.      VP of Engineering

Salary range 2024: US$250+

Leading technical product development, the VP of Engineering drives teams to create scalable, innovative solutions. Top engineering expertise and exceptional leadership skills are essential which means high salaries are on offer.

5.      Director of Analytics

Salary range 2024: US$225k - 250k

Focused on driving data-informed decisions, the Director of Analytics oversees data analysis, transforming insights into actionable strategies for business growth. This role demands top analytical skills and a knack for translating data into business strategies.

6.      DevOps Engineer

Salary range 2024: US$150k - 190k

Tasked with streamlining software delivery processes, DevOps Engineers automate operations, allowing for collaboration between development and operations teams. They implement tools for seamless integration and deployment.

7.      Cloud Architect

Salary range 2024: 220k+

Responsible for designing and executing cloud computing strategies, Cloud Architects ensure scalability, security, and cost-efficiency. Their expertise lies in optimizing cloud technologies to meet business requirements.

8.       AI Architect

Salary range 2024: 220k+

As artificial intelligence continues to shape various industries, AI architects are in high demand. They design and develop AI-based solutions, leveraging machine learning and data analytics to create innovative products or enhance existing ones. Expertise in programming languages, machine learning algorithms, and a deep understanding of AI frameworks are key.

9.      Data Scientist:

Salary range 2024: US$150k - 190k

Data scientists play a crucial role in extracting insights from large datasets to drive informed business decisions. They utilize statistical analysis, machine learning, and programming skills to interpret complex data and derive valuable insights, aiding companies in optimizing processes and strategies.

10.  Cybersecurity Manager/Director

Salary range 2024: 250k+

With the persistent threat of cyber-attacks, cybersecurity professionals are one of the most in demand tech professionals, with high salaries on offer. Managers or directors in cybersecurity are responsible for developing and implementing security measures to safeguard an organization's digital assets. They analyze threats, prepare security protocols, and ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations.

11.  Blockchain Developer

Salary range 2024: 170k+

The rise of blockchain technology has led to a surge in demand for developers specializing in this field. These professionals design, implement, and maintain blockchain-based solutions, creating secure and decentralized systems. Proficiency in programming languages like Solidity, cryptography, and a deep understanding of blockchain frameworks are essential.

For those considering the next step in their IT career, explore the latest technology roles we are currently hiring for today.

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