Hiring product marketers: the insider's guide

Hiring product marketers is notoriously difficult. That’s why Robert Walters and Owl teamed up to document the secrets of hiring top-notch product marketers. This free eBook covers:

  • How to find and attract top-notch product marketers
  • The right and wrong ways to think about product marketing
  • What leading CMOs are looking for in their product marketing organizations

Plus, access expert advice from leading CMOs who’ve built world-class product marketing teams.

hiring product marketers ebook

What's inside

  • Defining Product Marketing
  • Crafting a Compelling Product Marketing Job Description (with Free Template)
  • The Right Way to Read Product Marketers' Resumes
  • How to Conduct Masterful Interviews
  • Tips for Rigorous Reference Checks
  • Making a Compelling Job Offer
  • Wild Card Suggestions! Off-the-Wall Tips from Leading Marketing Executives