The Value of Mentoring

empowering women in the workplace

Despite the fact that women represent almost half of today's workforce, senior roles are still dominated by men. Mentoring can be a highly effective strategy to support women including those who are keen to develop their career and take on senior positions within an organization.

Creating a mentoring program can help to attract and retain top caliber professionals by demonstrating that an employer is committed to assisting ambitious people in building their career, in addition to helping them identify their key ambitions and career goals.

In this eguide, we demonstrate the potential value of developing a mentoring program and the strategies employers can use to connect their staff with mentors who can empower them to develop and guide their career. Download it below.

What's inside

  • The value of mentoring
  • Developing a mentoring program
  • Connecting professionals with mentors
  • Structuring a mentoring program
  • Attracting candidates with a mentoring program
  • Becoming a mentor
  • Measuring the success of a mentoring program
  • Mistakes to avoid
  • Key recommendations