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Truly global and proudly local. We've been serving the US for over 30 years, expanding offices across New York, California and Austin.

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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Report

We believe in the power of a diverse global workforce that champions the right for people to be their true, authentic selves.

Our latest research into ED&I

In what was another impactful year globally for the equity, diversity and inclusion movement, this report is designed to help us understand the state of play of ED&I in workplaces across the US.

Findings from our recent survey of +6,000 professionals has formed the ED&I Strategy Report, highlighting the key trends, issues, best practice case studies and strategic advice for companies on how to improve their approach to equity, diversity & inclusion.

In partnership with specialist ED&I organizations Resource Solutions and Censuswide, the report includes 6 different chapters that provide specific strategic advice on the key topics surrounding ED&I.

What's inside? 

- The current state of diversity in the North American workforce, based on a survey of over 6,000 professionals across various sectors and industries.

- The benefits of ED&I initiatives for your business outcomes, as well as the common challenges and barriers to implementing them effectively.

- The best practices and strategies to address the specific needs and experiences of different groups, such as gender, age, disability, ethnicity, LGBTQ+, and socioeconomic status.

- Insights and recommendations from our research partners, who are leading experts in the field of ED&I including Female Executive SearchHummingbird HumanityReady, Willing & AbleKim Crowder Consulting and Cara Collective.

Download the report

Key insights from the report

SS Blocks


more women than men did not receive a pay rise following negotiations


of working working-class workers have experienced discrimination surrounding their personal demographic at work


more Black than white professionals report not receiving a salary increase following negotiations

ED&I Inclusivity Audit

Your hiring process has likely evolved over time, with new processes, content and technology added and removed. While this process may deliver a functional talent acquisition service and experience, bias is likely to be threaded through each stage of your process. 

Unlike many diversity initiatives, our fully remote Inclusivity Audit focuses on actionable, meaningful change, ensuring clients are provided with an immediate ‘to do’ list to help achieve diversity objectives and goals.

Pervasive gender stereotypes that hold women back in the workplace

A female wraps up a work email, goes to send it, and second guesses herself. In the past, she’s been accused of seeming “cold” in the workplace because she often replies directly, without fanfare, exclamation points, or emojis. She is being directly impacted by the likability bias, or the expectatio

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Why ignoring mental health in the workplace hurts your business

Why ignoring mental health in the workplace hurts your business It is estimated that more than 10% of global citizens suffer from a mental health condition. Depression, anxiety, bipolar, schizophrenia, eating disorders, substance abuse, and ADHD (to name a few) transcend all genders, cultures, and i

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Diverse Hiring: Practice Beyond Theory

Diversity and inclusion are not interchangeable terms. Diversity within an organization without inclusion is just many different people in the same place at the same time with no engagement or connection. Most of us will know that diverse hiring is hiring with special care to ensure procedures (like

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